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Re: fixing backspace and delete

On 22 Apr, Philip Hands wrote:
> vim works OK for me, under all circumstances (I've tweaked my xterm terminfo).
> Send me the output from the following commands:
>   stty -a 
>   echo $TERM
>   infocmp $TERM
> and I should be able to tell you what's wrong.

Sorry, my machine at home is the "method 2 machine", at work (from 9 to
5 ;-) I'll keep on using method 1 (don't worry, I am completely in
favour of method 1, but in this case I am following the motto: "If it
works, don't fix it";-) 
	The vim-problem is definetely a terminfo problem (as you noted), 
it works on the console and in xterms with TERM set to vt100 (vi too).
Anyway, I won't bother you with method 1 problems;-) Instead I'll go
home and try method 2.
	I guess your tweaked xterminfo takes care of the problem with
rxvt as well.

Regards, Anne

P.S. If you (and others) mail me the different modifications, I'll throw
them on a page: http://www.ibbnet.nl/~anne/debiankbd.html. I just put
.inputrc, less, cshrc and more on it, please check if it's correct.

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