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Re: fixing backspace and delete

On 21 Apr, Luis Francisco Gonzalez wrote:

[problem with vim]
> AFAICT, vim has the same problem. Currently, you can make it work correctly
> only in one of xterm/console. If you "repair" one, the other will fail. This
> is very annoying.

Indeed. Actually, I just found out this is the same for the remapping
method: everything works in an xterm, but on the console ^? puts ^? on
the screen instead of deleting. I wonder if this is a termcap/terminfo
thing. Which applications use termcap/terminfo entries? 

> If your proposal manages to get this to work, I am all for it. 

Nope, I am afraid not, not the vim case anyway. Let's forget I ever
mentioned the remapping-method.

> BTW, this is
> really a policy issue and should probably be moved to debian-policy. Also,
> was it now one of hamm's release objectives to have a working and
> consistent keyboard configuration?

You are right, I am sorry about that. Good thing we arrived at the same
conclusion as they did:-)

Regards, Anne

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