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Re: fixing backspace and delete

Hi Petr,

Sorry, I simply replied to the wrong message (the one directly from
you). I didn't realize this at first, so when it didn't show up on the
list I wrote a new reply and sent that to the list.

On 23 Apr, Petr Kolar wrote:
>                        Hello Anne
>    You wrote the last message personally to me. Is it possible to send
> this my answer to debian-i18n@lists.debian.org?

Here it is;-)

>    It seems it is pico what is broken. With mappings
>   Key            KeySymName       Console characters
>   --------------------------------------------------
>   Ctrl+H   --->  Control_H  --->  ASCII  BS (0x08)
>   [<---]   --->  Backspace  --->  ASCII DEL (0x7F)
>   [Delete] --->  Delete     --->  "\e[3~"
> all works, but pico both on the console and in X responses according to this 
> table:
>   Key            pico               pico -d
>   --------------------------------------------------
>   Ctrl+H         Delete left        Delete left
>   [<---]         Delete left (OK)   Delete on cursor (wrong)
>   [Delete]       Unknown command    Unknown command
>    Does anybody know how to fix it (without breaking all other 
> applications)?

This is what I found (pico seems to be broken), with the difference that
I didn't succeed in getting pine to work. Exactly where did you put the
'delch ^[ [ 3 ~' line in .pinerc? 
	Maybe pico can be fixed with an expect wrapper script?

Regards, Anne

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