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Re: fixing backspace and delete

> >   2)  When someone remaps the keyboard, all applications should react in a 
> >       way that allows the user to continue without noticing (except where
> >       the new mapping actually throws away information).
>    For most Linux distributions (and not only Linux) it would be enough
> if all the keys would work at least when nobody remaps the keyboard...

Yes, but unless you emphasise that the failure to react to these changes is a 
bug in the application, not a bug in the keymap, people will keep insisting 
that the keymappings should be changed, in order to pacify buggy software.

I've been meaning to put some effort into this for some time, so if people 
would like to send me info about applications that don't work under the 
standard Linux setup:

  Key            KeySymName       Console characters
  Ctrl+H   --->  Control_H  --->  ASCII  BS (0x08)
  [<---]   --->  Backspace  --->  ASCII DEL (0x7F)
  [Delete] --->  Delete     --->  "\e[3~"

and whether they mean under X, the console or via remote connections, I'll try 
to sort this out once and for all.

Cheers, Phil.

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