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Re: kbd config

[please continue to cc me in any replies as I don't read debian-i18n.]

jdassen@wi.leidenuniv.nl writes:

> On Sep 25, Guy Maor wrote
> > I've just uploaded readline 2.1-6 which will try /etc/inputrc if
> > ~/.inputrc does not exist.
> AFAIK it the usual behaviour for programs that have both global and per-user
> configuration files to first process the global one, and then the user one.

Readline isn't processing both config files, it's processing only one,
so the behavior I described makes sense, but may not be ideal.

Before its behavior was to try INPUTRC if it's set, then ~/.inputrc.
Now it tries INPUTRC if it's set, then ~/.inputrc if it exists, then
/etc/inputrc.  There should still be a way to override reading the
global config file.

Perhaps it should try INPUTRC if it's set, then both /etc/inputrc and
~/.inputrc ?


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