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Re: consistent keyboard config

On Sep 18, Christian Schwarz <schwarz@monet.m.isar.de> wrote:

 >Well, this changes things a bit I think. Since a perl script with the
 >functionality would be IMHO very easy, I wouldn't look for a "m4 guru"
 >(how do these people look like? 8-) since we (at least I got the
 >impression from this discussion) don't like m4 too much, altogether.
*I* like m4, I just don't know it well enough.

 >What features are you missing from the current m4 macros?
I just want to merge some macros, mostly I want to use a default if the last
parameter is not supplied.
sould be merged in
in a way that if shiftedaction is null, action is used again.

 >if we define a special meaning for AltGr-4 now (which is not specified on
 >my keyboard) we'll might get conflicts with other keyboards.
The author of the map should be wise enough to not create on his own new

 >I'd say we define the config files first. This way, people can start using
There is only one config file, it contains m4 definitions of the value of
options and includes for the macros, the map and the compose table.
The map file has encoded inside the informations needed by the config program.
 >our setup by editing the config files "by hand". If everything has
 >stabilized and we know which features are required, someone could
 >implement the UI.
Before starting implementing anything please wait for my draft, I will post
it ASAP (now it's on paper, I written it while I was abroad).


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