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Re: consistent keyboard config

On Sep 16, Christian Schwarz <schwarz@monet.m.isar.de> wrote:

While I was offline last week I wrote a draft that discuss all keyboard
problems (except X), I'll post it ASAP (the next week, I hope).

 >So I think we should stay with m4 for a while, since it's actually
 >working well. If the functionality of the m4 macros have stabilized, we
Not really, we must find an m4 guru to resolve some minor issues.

 >One problem: Some German keyboards have some extra characters assign to
 >the keys when using the "AltGr" modifier. AFAIK, these chars do not
The Italian keyboard does that too. If some German keyboards don't have
that keys the admin will just reassign the altgr key to the alt or hyper

 >can be done! So I think it would be great if we could keep such things
 >variable for the different users. (I think we should write some kbd-config
My draft mandates that (s/users/systems/).
 >script which asks some questions and generates a /etc/kbd.conf file.)
I also wrote some lines about a format for embedding informations in the maps.

The only think is missing (apart better macros) is the configuration program.
You should ask kbd maintainer if he can improve it, otherwise we will
have to find someone.

 >Therefore, it would be necessary to hack the readline source to check use
 >/etc/inputrc unless ~foo/.inputrc exists. Do we have a volunteer here that
 >wants to checkout the details?
First ask the maintainer.


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