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MLCC&IC | 33nF 50V X7R 0805 | KALIS

Title: MLCC&IC | 33nF 50V X7R 0805 | KALIS

Hello purchasing dept.,

Good day. How do you do?

This Villa from Kalis Electronics Ltd., our company is a professional Electronics Parts exporter. So we want to avail ourselves of opportunity establishing business relation with you.

Our advantage:

1. Do our best to Meet your TP

2. Shorter lead time, Newer Date Code

3. Free samples

4. We will provide testing report if you need

The more comparison,the more chance.

By the way, f-r-e-e sample are available.


Thank you in advance!

Best wishes!



Company Name: Kalis Electronics Co., Ltd.

Tel: +86 0755 28263297

Address: 32C, AnLiangRoad Long Gang Dist, ShenZhen , China, 518112

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