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Re: problem with hurd image

Marcin Laszewski, le dim. 09 mai 2021 07:34:21 +0100, a ecrit:
> Have you a etherner driver compiled in the kernel (mach) ?

There is no need for that, netdde already has all the network drivers
that you'll want. And yes it's automatically set up by the debian
installer. The fact that /dev/eth0 has apparently disappeared (please
tell us exactly what this means: does /dev/eth0 not show up with ls) is
only a sign of a filesystem problem, not a network driver problem.

> NE2k dirver is not included in the default configuration of Mach.
> I had to recompiled my kernel to have eth0 working.

Really, no need for that, netdde obviously has a driver for ne2k.

We don't want to keep drivers inside GNU mach, that's not maintainable.


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