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Re: Some issues on fresh installed Debian-Hurd

Quoting Jens Rehsack (2014-06-02 12:28:16)
> But /proc/mounts doesn't show itself (what else could be missing?)

True.  At first, we included all kinds of translators in /proc/mounts.
However, that caused severe trouble as e.g. the Debian init scripts
would umount (i.e. terminate) vital system servers on shutdown.
Therefore, we now only include real filesystems in /proc/mount.  We
could show procfs there I guess, it would just have to implement the
file_get_source rpc:

teythoon@darnassus:~$ /hurd/mtab /proc
/hurd/mtab: /proc: Operation not supported
teythoon@darnassus:~$ rpctrace /hurd/mtab /proc
  113<--145(pid9632)->dir_lookup ("proc" 0 420) = 0 1 ""    162<--163(pid9632)
  162<--163(pid9632)->dir_readdir (0 1 0) = 0x40000009 (Bad file descriptor) 
  162<--163(pid9632)->file_get_fs_options () = 0 "/hurd/procfs"
task134(pid9632)->vm_allocate (0 43 1) = 0 204800
  162<--163(pid9632)->file_get_source () = 0x4000002d (Operation not supported) 


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