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Re: Some issues on fresh installed Debian-Hurd

Hi :)

Quoting Jens Rehsack (2014-06-02 08:28:50)

> Beside the kernel choice the installation went smoothly (a problem
> Debian-Hurd shares with Debian-kFreeBSD ^^).

I don't follow.

> I had to modify line 117 in /etc/hurd/rc: "settrans -c /proc
> /hurd/procfs --compatible" -> "settrans -c /proc /hurd/procfs",
> otherwise the /proc file > system didn't came up.
> That reduces the noise during boot dramatically (cannot stat /proc
> or something like that).

Which is very strange, as we switched to sysv-rc and don't use
/etc/hurd/rc no more.  Could you please double check that
(e.g. update-alternatives --display runsystem should say

> But still (the VM is 06:03:47 up 3 days, 10:16) the console (xl
> vncviewer) doesn't come to a prompt. OpenSSH-Server runs, so I can
> access remotely. I'm quite unsure if it has to do with procfs or
> another issue (nothing suspicious in log or on screen) - but I'd
> like to mention it.

Check that the hurd console is running.  Also, check that you have an
entry like

c:23:respawn:/sbin/getty 38400 console

in your /etc/inittab to get a getty on the mach console (of course
inittab is only used if you use sysvinit).


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