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Some issues on fresh installed Debian-Hurd


I installed a fresh Debian-Hurd using netinst-iso from http://ftp.debian-ports.org/debian-cd/hurd-i386/current/.

Beside the kernel choice the installation went smoothly (a problem Debian-Hurd shares with Debian-kFreeBSD ^^).

I had to modify line 117 in /etc/hurd/rc:
"settrans -c /proc /hurd/procfs --compatible" -> "settrans -c /proc /hurd/procfs", otherwise the /proc file system didn't came up.

That reduces the noise during boot dramatically (cannot stat /proc or something like that).

But still (the VM is 06:03:47 up 3 days, 10:16) the console (xl vncviewer) doesn't come to a prompt. OpenSSH-Server runs, so I can access remotely. I'm quite unsure if it has to do with procfs or another issue (nothing suspicious in log or on screen) - but I'd like to mention it.

The 3rd issue I recognize is an nfs failure:

# mount -t nfs waldorf:/data/Projects /data/Projects
$ cd /data/Projects/OSS/libstatgrab/hurd/
$ ../configure
../configure: error: cannot find myself; rerun with an absolute file name
*** Error in `/hurd/nfs': double free or corruption (!prev): 0x002016c0 ***

< /data/Projects is gone> (for protocol)

Best regards
Jens Rehsack

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