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Re: Builds for hurd-i386 using debian-ports.org

On 12828 March 1977, Samuel Thibault wrote:

>> In any case I believe you need to be more aggressive on getting the
>> needed patched in the official archive.
> Right.  I don't like stepping on other maintainers, but we'll probably
> have to.

Just to not have any wrong understandings here:
You MUST NOT have anything from outside the main archive.

Thats a hard rule we enforced for all the newly added ports either, up
to the point where we imported their initial set of packages signed by a
special key, just so we can track that all of them got replaced with a
new build, done solely with packages out of the main archive.

Looking at that, you are plenty late by now already. When do you plan to
actually get included into testing? The later you go, the less likely it
is to do so, and I imagine it highly unlikely that it will happen after
the freeze, so your time left for action here is pretty short.

Keep in mind that talking to the Release Team and getting them to agree
with the inclusion will also take time...

>> >> A first idea would be to note when you dropped debian-ports
>> >> from the buildds and then making sure all binaries uploaded before that
>> >> are rebuilt,
>> > That is what I intended to do.

Especially with the time this will take.

bye, Joerg
Maybe, just once, someone will call me 'Sir' without adding, 'You're
making a scene.'

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