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Re: Builds for hurd-i386 using debian-ports.org

Ansgar Burchardt, le Fri 20 Apr 2012 14:17:44 +0200, a écrit :
> I am not quite sure, but didn't kfreebsd stop relying on debian-ports
> when they moved to the main archive?

Possibly, I don't remember.

> > If the Debian maintainers were more responsive to bug reports wrt
> > GNU/Hurd the debian-ports archive would almost empty by now... 
> > The problems are not only due to the porters. Currently there are 39
> > bugs with patches, 5 forwarded and 6 pending upload, all with severity
> > important in the BTS.
> If maintainers do not react, couldn't you just go for NMUs instead of
> uploading changes to debian-ports?

I personally never felt sure enough to do an NMU for an arch that is not
released yet.  But if NMUs are fine for that, then good.

> As you plan to stop using debian-ports, can you estimate when this can
> be done?

That would require estimation of when e.g. pulseaudio will integrate our

> A first idea would be to note when you dropped debian-ports
> from the buildds and then making sure all binaries uploaded before that
> are rebuilt,

That is what I intended to do.

> but this misses at least arch:all packages.

These are only the packages whose sources were uploaded from hurd-i386,
right?  I believe there aren't many, just the hurdish ones.


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