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Re: patch to parted-1.7.1


Madhusudan C.S, le Mon 26 May 2008 15:19:48 +0530, a écrit :
>     > Is it ok if I manipulate this part of the s390.dpatch as given below. Or
>     should
>     > I have to apply the dpatch to the code, make necessary changes in
>     configure.ac
>     > to include AM_CONDITIONAL, make changes in libparted/labels/Makefile.am
>     and
>     > generate dpatch again?
>     I'd rather use an AM_CONDITIONAL, but maybe upstream will be fine with
>     the code below, so I'd say you can file a bug to see what they think of
>     it.
>  I think s390 patch is not there in upstream at all.

Mmm, Michael said on IRC yesterday that it went into their repository.


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