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Re: patch to parted-1.7.1


> Is it ok if I manipulate this part of the s390.dpatch as given below. Or should
> I have to apply the dpatch to the code, make necessary changes in configure.ac
> to include AM_CONDITIONAL, make changes in libparted/labels/Makefile.am and
> generate dpatch again?

I'd rather use an AM_CONDITIONAL, but maybe upstream will be fine with
the code below, so I'd say you can file a bug to see what they think of
 I think s390 patch is not there in upstream at all. Its debian specific. Can you please tell me what I should ask upstream developers?

> @@ -20,7 +20,11 @@
>              loop.c         \
>              mac.c          \
>              pc98.c         \
> -            sun.c
> +                       if test "$OS" = gnu; then
> +                       else
> +                            sun.c         \
> +                            s390.c
> +                       fi

Doesn't test "$OS" != gnu work?
Hey I am extremely sorry. I was thinking something else, have changed it.

Also, you shouldn't disable sun.c.
Ok fine.

Thanks and regards,

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