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Re: Participation in Google SoC


On Sun, Mar 30, 2008 at 03:31:09AM +0100, Daniel Martin wrote:

> Sorry to butt in, but isn't this Google's problem? Should _we_ be
> worried about this? If Google's willing to give them money for working
> on GNU then good for them. Unless of course Google allocates money on
> a per project basis, and you expect others to come forward?

Every organisation gets a certain number of "slots" from google, which
is considerably less then the number of student applications -- we have
to choose which of the students who applied for Hurd we want to take. Of
course we are interested in choosing in such a way as to ensure the
greatest benefit for the Hurd project.

If some students have to do the work anyways for their studies, then
giving slots to those students wouldn't benefit the Hurd; we can better
allocate those slots to other students who wouldn't do the work without


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