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Re: K15 mini iso


On Wed, Nov 21, 2007 at 12:43:22AM +1300, Philip Charles wrote:
> This has turned out to be a tidy image and should not give any problems.  

I tested it now on qemu and I found three minor issue:

 1. In the installer, the Hurd ext2 partitions are not created with -b
    4096, so partitions smaller than around 500 MB will panic on first

 2. There is a /usr->. symlink, not a real /usr.

 3. If the user does not add "-s" to the grub kernel line for the second
    reboot (before running native-install a second time), the /dev/tty1
    passive translator does not get and a subsequent reboot into
    multi-user mode will fail with an ipc error.  I suggest to just add
    tty1 to the list of devices to create during the first

The reason for 3. is that on second reboot, /libexec/runsystem will be
run if you don't use "-s", which touches /dev/tty1 for some obscure
reason (I introduced that myself some time ago) and then later on when
the /dev/tty[1-6] devices get created by the hurd package, /dev/tty1 is
not touched as it exists already.

Note that we had quite a few people having issues with 3 for K14
already. so adding the work-around of creating tty1 in native-install
seems worth it to me.


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