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Compiling glibc-2.5

I am trying to compiling glibc-2.5 on Hurd but have not succeeded until now.
I list my steps below and expect your help.
(1) Install Hurd using Debian-k14-Hurd cd1.
(2) apt-get libc0.3-dev and mig.
and so update glibc to version 2.5 and gcc to 4.1.3.
(3) Download lastest glibc-2.5 tarball (do I need to apply any patches?)
(4) configure --without-cvs --disable-profile --prefix= ;
I met some warnings and mainly two errors during the compiling course.
The first error occurs in stdlib/fmtmsg.c and it says: uint32_t is not defined;
another is in sysdeps/posix/getaddrinfo.c and it says: structure stat64 has no member st_mtim.
I directly modified the two source files to let the compiling continue, however it finally broke down again when linking ld.so and says: no rule to make ld.map, needed by elf/ld.so.
Anyone can help?

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