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Re: upgrade to hurd_20050513-4 trouble

On Saturday 17 September 2005 01:45, Michael Banck wrote:
> > After 'dpkg -i hurd_20050513-4_hurd-i386.deb,' the results follow:
> >
> > dpkg: dependency problems prevent configuration of hurd
> > hurd depends on libc0.3 (>= 2.3.2-ds1-21) however:
> > Package libc0.3 is not configured yet.
> > hurd depends on libncursesw (>=5.4-5)
> >  ....5=5.4-4 is installed
> Try to run "dpkg --configure -a" to get libc0.3 configured, maybe the
> real problem/error message gets displayed then.
> Did you fully install K9 before you started to upgrade the hurd package?

That is a good question.  I thought I went through 
the /cdrom/upgrade/install.sh before I tried to upgrade  to hurd_20050513-4.  
In my experience with  Debian systems and dpkg  installations, is that dpkg 
is very accurate.  So I question the difficulty when hurd_20050507-1 is in 
operation and end up in trouble installing hurd_20050513-4 and libc0.3.  I 
think I made a mistake somewhere.

Anyway, my guess on the fsck trouble ended up accurate.  My hurd partition 
ext2fs.static was dumped by the Sarge fsck fix.  Maybe I need to keep track 
of where the next ext2fs.static is located so I will say NO to the fsck fix.  
But will that really do any good in saving my hurd boot?  Maybe I should take 
my hurd partition out of my Sarge /etc/fstab so the Sarge fsck does not even 
look at the hurd partition.


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