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Re: questions about debian/hurd...

On Thu, 26 May 2005, Michael Banck wrote:

> > there are a Hurd Live-CD, it is now time to think
> > about a 'L' series of debian gnu/hurd installer that
> > runs over hurd instead of linux?
> Those two things are pretty seperate.  Yes, we can boot the Hurd from a
> CD now, but I don't think it would make sense to port boot-floppies to
> the Hurd, as they are obsolete, deprecated and unmaintained.

Very much so.  They use Potato tarball technology.  Their only virtue is
that they work and were always seen as an intermediate solution.
Possible improvement, incorporation of the Linux kernel that supports the
unpacking of tarballs with translaters.

> However, porting any of base-config, debootstrap and debian-installer
> will get us nearer to a native Debian GNU/Hurd install, with the
> possible intermediate step of booting d-i from GNU/Linux,
> cross-debootstrapping hurd-i386 from it and then running base-config
> after booting into the Hurd.

Once sarge is released could we get the d-i team to start looking at
incorporating Debian GNU/Hurd into the installer?


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