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apt-cdrom not working properly under cross-install

Hi !

I was frustrated not being able to connect to internet through my
network card (already posted a mail about it, but nobody answered). 
So the only solution I saw to overcome this was to download the iso
images for K9 and burn them, to then apt-cdrom then...

1st. problem I noticed, which is not associated to the title but is
important, is that once the CD is mounted, it just doesn't unmount. 
It returns device busy and that's it...

2nd. problem, apt-cdrom doesn't mount the CD.  /etc/fstab is
configured properly so that when I perform "mount /dev/hd2" the CD is
mounted under "cdrom"...  Of course "settrans -a /cdrom
/hurd/iso9660fs /dev/hd2" also works....  But somehow although I'm
able to mount CDs, apt-cdrom is not...  To overcome it I had to
manually mount the cds and then use apt-cdrom with "-m" switch, and of
course reboot several times in order to unmount the cds...

3rd. problem, only the packages already included inthe sources get
grabbed from the cds I guess....  This because when using dselect I
don't see any new packages...  Besides when under the apt-cdrom
processes, messages saying many indexes discarded, warning for
possible problems, but the processes finished...  Just to try
something I did "apt-get upgrade" and just 3 packages got updated form
the CDs, then I did "apt-get dist-upgrade" and 1 package got
upgraded...  But only upgrades, no new ones...  Again, after all this
I tried dselect again and no new pacakges showed up...  by the way,
the update option under deselect does not work at all...

So I'm not able to connect the web, and I'm not able to use latest CDs
(they are 4 by the way, because apt-cdrom indicated the 5th doesn't
include any package, it's the mini-iso...)...  How to install/update
stuff then?

Any one seen this before?  Any hints?

Thanks a lot,

Javier-Elias Vasquez-Vivas

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