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Re: libgtop2

Alfred M. Szmidt wrote:

It shows CPU load; which I confused with CPU usage.  Do you want the
information that w on GNU/Linux calls for JCPU and PCPU for a single
process? Maybe w and GNU time could be looked at in that case.

I "want" the information that top on GNU/Linux shows in its third line :

Cpu(s): 5.7% us, 1.1% sy, 4.9% ni, 87.8% id, 0.4% wa, 0.0% hi, 0.1% si

So it's per-CPU, and not per-process. I can get the system and user
time per-process alright (the same way you get the creation time).
And I don't think it'd be OK to compute the per-CPU value from
all the per-process value, that'd be quite bloated. :-)

I think it is wrong to put it in either libshouldbeinlibc or libc;
libps is probobly a better place.  In either case, I too would like to
see it in a library since it will be used by uptime.

Sure, libps would probably be better.

Manuel Menal

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