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Re: Help required on disabling interrupts

SivaramaKrishnan Nageswaran <nsiva@lucent.com> writes:

> I installed the GNU-HURD and when I tried to boot using GRUB (0.92),
> the system hangs. I was asked to disable the interrupts. Can somebody
> tell me the procedure for disabling the interrupts and also how to
> cross-compile the GNU-Mach kernel in Redhat-Linux.

Do you have shared IRQs?

In that case find out which and try to resolve them.  You could do
that by playing a bit in the BIOS setup and see if it can be changed
there or physically swap or remove PCI cards.

As for compiling GNU Mach, can't you do that after installing
GNU/Hurd?  That is a lot easier.

Otherwise you will have to check out the gnumach-1 branch and apply
the patch to update the autoconf files.  You can find that patch on
the savannah page of the Hurd after a bit of searching.  How to
exactly do it can be found in the mailinglist archives.  I don't
remember everything correctly and it has been described several times.


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