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K7 images built and being uploaded.

The first four CD iso images are being uploaded to ftp.gnuab.org.  The
upload will be complete in about three days.  I have a 15 KB/sec
connection.  The first image is 25-30% uploaded.

We are just into the eighth CD, but all the *hurd-i386.deb's are on the
first two CDs so only the first four CDs have been released.

Grub has been upgraded to grub_0.94.  A (very) mini grub iso image is
included along with the usual floppy image.

The main feature of the K7 set is its quality.  I would say it is the best
set to date.  IMHO, this set could be used to promote GNU.

I have just completed a successful installation using the 4.4 GB DVD.
The DVD is too big for me to upload (44% of my data allocation, 80-90
hours to upload), so let us have some discussion about how it can be
distributed and used.


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