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Re: hurd 20040508-3 with the ext2fs patch

yOn Mon, 20 Sep 2004, Michael Banck wrote:

> On Mon, Sep 20, 2004 at 11:40:15AM +1200, Philip Charles wrote:
> > An interesting repository.  Are these packages likely to find their way
> > into the main Debian archive or gnuab.org?  Should these be incorporated
> > into the CDs/DVD?
> Ogi said that the latest e2fsprogs upload just needs to be compiled for
> hurd-i386 so that people can check partitions bigger than 2 GB. No more
> patching necessary. I'll try to upload the package, but I don't know
> when I'll have the time.
> About the ext2fs patch - we'll eventually include it in the Debian
> package I guess, but having more people test Ogi's packages would be
> nice.

It looks as though K7 could be ready in two or three days, so I suggest
that we wait until the packages have migrated into the main archive or
gnuab, K8.


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