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Re: Help required - HURD installation

On Tue, 07 Sep 2004 15:00:50 +0530, SivaramaKrishnan Nageswaran
<nsiva@lucent.com> wrote:
> I already have Windows and Linux installed in my box and I use the GRUB
> as the boot loader. Can I use the same GRUB also for GNU-HURD? Right now
> I do not have space in my current HD and will attach another HD for
> installing HURD.

GRUB is like a mini OS in some ways,  and since you already have it
installed, you can just hit 'c' when it loads and go straight to the
command line to enter in the string of commands you're supposed to
enter.  I switch between kernels and hard drives alot so i usually
just type everything by hand anyways.

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