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Re: Help required - HURD installation

On Tue, 7 Sep 2004, SivaramaKrishnan Nageswaran wrote:

> Hi,
> I need a small information regarding installing the GNU-HURD. I've
> downloaded all the 5 GNU HURD iso images (GNU-K5-CD1.iso,
> GNU-K5-CD2.iso, GNU-K5-CD3.iso, GNU-K5-CD4.iso and GNU-K5-mini.iso). Can
> you please tell whether these are the images that I should use for
> installing the GNU-HURD in my box? If yes, I'll then burn all the images
> in the CD and install the OS.

I would suggest GNU-K5-CD1.iso, you can get a workable system from it.
Think about the others later.

> I already have Windows and Linux installed in my box and I use the GRUB
> as the boot loader. Can I use the same GRUB also for GNU-HURD? Right now
> I do not have space in my current HD and will attach another HD for
> installing HURD.

I would suggest making a Grub floppy from the image on the CD.  When you
are happy then add a suitable line (long and complicated) to menu.lst of
your grub.


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