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Re: /hurd/kbd missing or deprecated?

Michael Banck <mbanck@debian.org> writes:

>> Thanks, I got it working. I was wonder if you (or someone else on the
>> list :) knows why when I logout of X the console is full of /'s? It
>> still works but it isn't very usable (I'm using the vesa driver in case
>> that helps)
> Yeah, this is a known problem with the Vesa driver, me and somebody else
> noticed it as well. One solution is to detach the Hurd console (via
> ctrl+alt+backspace) and reattach it (via console -d vga [...]). Using
> the ati driver made this issue go away for me.
> Maybe Marco has an idea why this happens.

Not yet, but I will have a look at the problem.  Does this only happen
with the VESA driver?  Did the VESA driver cause the same problems
when using the Mach console?


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