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Re: reboot complains about /dev/initctl

At Wed, 23 Jun 2004 21:17:31 +0300,
Ognyan Kulev wrote:
> /* Cc: 255880@bugs.debian.org */
> Alfred M. Szmidt wrote:
> > Recall that the ones in the Hurd don't do funky sysvinit magic.
> > Infatc, reboot for us is essentially a call to reboot().
> (Shame smiley here) I forgot about that (the funky sysvinit part).
> Anyway, we need resolution about the sysvinit package and hurd-i386.
> For the halt/reboot problem, one of the quickest solutions is to remove 
> halt and reboot from Debian's hurd package[1], and -f to be always 
> assumed for these commands in sysvinit package.
> [1] Well, this requires synchronization with hurd package maintainers, 
> so the really quickest is sysvinit to not ship with halt and reboot.

Well, it's true that synchronization may be required.  However, before you
can put an alternative into place, it must work.  IE, the sysvinit
port must be thoroughly tested and confirmed to do what it's supposed
to do.  This is just a general note, maybe it already does.

I am not sure it is necessary or even desirable to use reboot/halt
from sysvinit.  I remember a time where users where discouraged from
running halt/reboot directly specifically because they didn't run the
scripts (even on GNU/Linux).  The right way to shut down the system
was shutdown (-r or -h and "-t now" or so).

We will need our own initscripts package or whatever anyway, so if
calling reboot/halt from those scripts is a problem, than in our
version of the script we can adjust it wrt command line options (-f)


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