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Re: reboot complains about /dev/initctl

/* Cc: 255880@bugs.debian.org */

Alfred M. Szmidt wrote:
Recall that the ones in the Hurd don't do funky sysvinit magic.
Infatc, reboot for us is essentially a call to reboot().

(Shame smiley here) I forgot about that (the funky sysvinit part).

Anyway, we need resolution about the sysvinit package and hurd-i386.

For the halt/reboot problem, one of the quickest solutions is to remove halt and reboot from Debian's hurd package[1], and -f to be always assumed for these commands in sysvinit package.

[1] Well, this requires synchronization with hurd package maintainers, so the really quickest is sysvinit to not ship with halt and reboot.


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