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Re: sysvinit and hurd

   > Bollocks, it isn't important to GNU/Hurd nor does it _need_ it,
   > since it doesn't follow the philosophy of GNU.  It might be
   > important to Debian GNU/Hurd, but if you meant that then say so.

   I'm not suce which "philosophy of GNU" you mean.

The one that implies "things should be done right". :-) And sysvinit
ain't one of those things...

   It is true that I have long disfavored the sysv style of init

You're not the the only one.

   but it also seems to me that Debian should use the same basic
   userland whatever the kernel is.

Sure, which is why I said "GNU/Hurd", and not "Debian GNU/Hurd".
Debian GNU/Hurd should use whatever Debian wishes to use.


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