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Re: sysvinit and hurd

Miquel van Smoorenburg <miquels@cistron.nl> writes:

>> Since Debian GNU/Hurd doesn't use sysvinit, just depending on libc0.3
>> seems like a good enough solution I think, or just not listing libc0.3
>> at all (as it is now AFAIK).
> Wait, the Hurd doesn't use sysvinit at all ? I do get regular bugreports
> saying "this needs to be fixed for the hurd" and "hurd needs a
> hurd-specific inittab" and so on. Where does that come from, then ?
> *confused* (see e.g. http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=246743)

You are partially right.  GNU/Hurd doesn't use sysvinit *yet*.  If I
understand it correctly, people are porting sysvinit to GNU/Hurd.
Perhaps it was already done.

The bug report you showed us seems to confirm this.  In the emails it
is said that the patch (I assume there is a patch, I haven't read all
of it :)) will add GNU/Hurd support.

Better ask the people who ported sysvinit, Robert and Guillem (IIRC).

> Okay, anyway, if the hurd doesn't use sysvinit then I only need to
> bother with kFreeBSD. And I shouldn't have been posting here in the
> first place, I guess ;)

You did the right thing.  GNU/Hurd absolutely needs sysvinit, it is
really important to us.  We just have to wait for Robert to answer
your emails.

I've added a CC to Robert, IIRC he does not read this mailinglist


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