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Re: AW: how to update /hurd/ext2fs?

Quoting Michael.Ziegler@materna.de:

> Ah sorry, even "ls" told me "Permission denied" on ext2fs and ext2fs.static.
> I have thought that running ext2fs as an active translater may be the
> problem but now i think it's only a filesystem inconsistency in my
> installation?

Yes, this is most likely a corrupted inode.

You can try to fix this with fsck.  What you could do as well is manually
copying ext2fs.static to /hurd/exy2fs.static2 or so.  Of course this is
not a nice solution.  

The best solution, of course, is fixing ext2fs sothe filesystem will not be 
corrupted.  If someone can easily reproduce this, please tell me so I can
fix this.


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