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AW: how to update /hurd/ext2fs?

Ah sorry, even "ls" told me "Permission denied" on ext2fs and ext2fs.static.
I have thought that running ext2fs as an active translater may be the
problem but now i think it's only a filesystem inconsistency in my

Thank you,
       - Michael 

Von: ams@Update.UU.SE
An: Ziegler, Michael
Cc: debian-hurd@lists.debian.org
Gesendet: 24.03.2004 11:35
Betreff: Re: how to update /hurd/ext2fs?

   But "make install" in the hurd directory failed with:
   "/usr/bin/install: cannot stat '/hurd/ext2fs': Permission denied"

What are the persmissions of /hurd/ext2fs?

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