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Re: GNU/Hurd in severe need for documentation.

>    So, what I propose is to help reorganize the Hurd end-user
>    documentations, adding links and suppressing redundancy between
>    them.  Do you actually need somebody for this role ?  Those
>    responsible for the different sources of documentation about the
>    Hurd, are you willing to help me in this task ? Of course, you'd
>    have to answer all my idiot questions ;)
> YES!!!
> It might be nice to actually move all documentation concerning the
> Hurd into the reference manual; and split it up into two bits,
> technical and less-technical.

I don't think so. The hurd is a moving target, especially on the
not-so-technical part. Moving the documentation to the reference manual
would make it obsolete as soon as it is released. I'll try to get a
global view of what documentation exists (on the introduction -
installation - basic usage parts) next week.


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