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GNU/Hurd in severe need for documentation.


I attended a very interesting conference made by kilobug in Lyon last November.
I finally got the time to try the Hurd again, but was quickly very

- The documentation is difficult to find. I spent a lot of time
  googling for basic things.
- The documentation is scattered all over the net. It seems there's no
  central place for documentation on the hurd.
- The documentation is incomplete. Many parts are not documented.
- The documentation is not up to date. Most of the existing Howtos are

Well, I'm not only complaining. And I understand that most of the Hurd
developpers are more interested in hacking than in providing newbies
with help. So, what I propose is to help reorganize the Hurd end-user
documentations, adding links and suppressing redundancy between them.
Do you actually need somebody for this role ? Those responsible for the
different sources of documentation about the Hurd, are you willing to help
me in this task ? Of course, you'd have to answer all my idiot questions

A few questions to begin with :
- Many users need pppoe to connect to the internet today. I understand
  you can't use pppoe with Debian GNU/Hurd yet. Is is true ? What's
  missing to get it working ?
- Is there a current (ie working with bochs 2) detailed howto for running
  GNU/Hurd with bochs ? Are there Hurd images for Bochs somewhere ?
- Is there an hardware compatibility list ? All those I could find were
  said to be out of date, like
  which was redirecting the reader to a non-existing page.

>From what I saw, there are 3 main sources of info for the Hurd :
- http://www.gnu.org/software/hurd/
- http://www.debian.org/ports/hurd/hurd-cd
- http://hurd.gnufans.org/

Are there others I still haven't found ?


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