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Re: What's the command to create swap in hurd

deFreese, Barry wrote:

I don't know Knoppix, doesn't it's installation routine have an option for
initializing a swap partition?

Knoppix isn't designed to be "installed"; it's just designed to be a live CD, and does an excellent job of it.

However, an "installation routine" of sorts has been hacked together and put on the CD, but it doesn't allow any customized partitioning.

When I mentioned Knoppix, I was referring to the method I used to install the Hurd on a clean system (no OS installed). I booted off a Knoppix CD, which gave me a complete Linux/GNU/KDE environment, and used "cfdisk" to partition the drive, then initialized the partitions (except that I forgot to do the swap partition, which lead to this thread), and then downloaded the Hurd tarball and untarred it, and created a grub boot floppy. I then rebooted and was finished with Knoppix (assuming that the Hurd was sufficient to go from there).

So since I couldn't find a "mkswap"-type command in the Hurd, and I "needed" to initialize the swap partition that I had forgotten to initialize earlier, I was either going to boot back into Knoppix long enough to initialize that partition or I was going to ask this list for the correct command. I chose the latter, and the list's answer is that in the Hurd, a swap partition doesn't need to be initialized like it does in Linux; just create the partition and use it.

However, when I run the command "swapon -a", I get the error:
 swapon: /dev/hd2s3: No such file or directory

So I thought I better take another look at my partition table, but there doesn't seem to be any partitioning tool (no cfdisk, no fdisk, no pdisk) that I can find, so it looks like I may have to boot back into Knoppix after all.


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