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RE: K3 Install killed my machine

> > 
> >    The panic I was getting was:
> >    panic: zalloc: zone zalloc.8192 exhausted
> > 
> > Yup, sounds like you have to little RAM/swap.  Add some more and see
> > if that fixes it.
> No, he has enough RAM IIRC. I think the problem is some 
> program (or part of 
> GNUMach, is that possible?) is allocating too much memory. I 
> get zallocs when 
> allocating gigabytes of mem. accidently ;)
> -
> Marco

OK, I upgraded my machine to 384Mb of RAM this morning.  Haven't had a
chance to change the swap partition but according to vmstat I am barely
utilizing the swap I have.

I thought it may have fixed the problem but my machine just rebooted.
Unfortunately I wasn't able to see the error but my guess is that it was a
panic again.  The strange thing was that this time the machine was idle, I
wasn't even working on it at the time??

Another curious thing.  FTP and HTTP for apt only work if I export ftp_proxy
and http_proxy respectively.  I cannot even ftp on the local subnet without
it segfaulting unless I export ftp_proxy.  Is there a chance I have
something misconfigured?

Using the proxy I was able to do apt update, dist-upgrade which I was hoping
would help my problem but it's still hosed.

Also ping and cvs still return me to the prompt with no output...

HELP ME!!!! :-)


Barry deFreese
Technology Services Manager
Nike Team Sports

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