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Re: A few questions - Long

   GNUMach 1.3: Standard base kernel used for Debian GNU/Hurd
   currently.  No active development?


   GNUMach 2.0 (OSKit - Mach??): The newer GNUMach kernel using the
   OSKit libraries?


   The only reason for this not being implemented yet is because of lack
   of a console???

Wrong, there is a console, and it actually works.  I think that Marcus
Brinkmanns new console should also work under it (it supports virtual
consoles, PC speaker sound, and some other stuff that I don't
   L4: New microkernel architecture that some folks are attempting to
   port to?  A couple of web sites I looked over mentioned something
   about this not being available to the public???

See Farid's respone.

   Am I close or am I lost?  The main reason that I ask is that I
   wanted to install Debian GNU/Hurd on my laptop so I can carry it
   back and forth to work and home but there is no PCMCIA support for
   GNUMach 1.3.  So I thought it might be interesting to try to write
   it but it sounds as though there is PCMCIA support in GNUMach 2.0?

David Wagner was working on PCMCIA support for GNUMach 2.0, you might
want to check with him if you two can work together on this (check the
archives for his email address).

   Also, where is the best place for the "true" status of the Hurd.  I
   track several sites but they all seem to be old, including

The offical web page for the Hurd is has the "true" status of the
Hurd: http://hurd.gnu.org.
   I'm trying to figure out how I can start to get involved
   but I cannot even figure out who is doing what.

Look at the TODO file in the CVS repository for the Hurd and find
something that you think is interesting to work on.

   For example, there is an old item out on Savannah about >2Gb
   support for ext2fs but I am seeing messages about someone fixing
   that on the bug-hurd mailing list.

Depends on what you called "fixed", the patch by Ognyan is quite alpha
from what I can see (read-write support is highly unstable).

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