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Re: porting to hurd

I port completely the pkgsrc (of netbsd) to hurd, but there're two apps of pkgsrc that I prefer to do not port, because there're GNU versions of it, and are in debian package (lukemftp, pax).

The question now is... where can I found the patches for "pax"??

I think that hurd "ftp" command is completely useful on pkgsrc. I will just finish this patch today I think.

For now...we can say that pkgsrc works on Hurd :)

On Mon, 21 Apr 2003 11:08:56 +0200
"Alfred M. Szmidt" <ams@kemisten.nu> wrote:

>    I'm trying to port few apps to hurd, but I'm fell down in the
>    typical question...what's the clean solution to solve the missing
> The clean solution is to fix the program so that it allocates the
> string dynamicly.
>    A simple solution could be force CFLAGS to -DMAXPATHLEN=300 ...
>    another solution could be to put this defines in sys/param.h like
>    in linux.
> That wouldn't be GNUish since it forces an limit on the user.
>    and the worst one is patch directly on the sources.
> Why is it the worst one? It fixes a bug and makes the program more
> portable.  Can't see why that should be bad.  :-)
>    I think that could be nice to solve that in a standard way.
> The standard way of solving the MAXPATHLEN issue is to fix the program
> so that it uses malloc() instead.
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