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Re: porting to hurd

   I'm trying to port few apps to hurd, but I'm fell down in the
   typical question...what's the clean solution to solve the missing

The clean solution is to fix the program so that it allocates the
string dynamicly.

   A simple solution could be force CFLAGS to -DMAXPATHLEN=300 ...
   another solution could be to put this defines in sys/param.h like
   in linux.

That wouldn't be GNUish since it forces an limit on the user.

   and the worst one is patch directly on the sources.

Why is it the worst one? It fixes a bug and makes the program more
portable.  Can't see why that should be bad.  :-)

   I think that could be nice to solve that in a standard way.

The standard way of solving the MAXPATHLEN issue is to fix the program
so that it uses malloc() instead.

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