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Re: None

> > > >> Unix-VFS (virtual filesystem).
> > > 'Home-Verzeichnis' is replaced with 'Heim-verzeichnis' too.
> > Ugh... that's not good (IMHO).
> Well, I agree that it's bad to translate things that are *literal*
> names of commands and environment variables. But "Home" is neither.
> Thus, the reasonable translation table will be
>   home directory            --> Heim-verzeichnis
As said, this is not mainstream talk in german.
I didn't critisize the other translations, just
this one in particular. It simply looks weird.
But then again, weirdness is mainly a question
of numbers here. If the translators want to
set a new language usage pattern, and the vast
majority of users switched to that, so who am I
to disagree?

>   $HOME directory           --> $HOME verzeichnis
>   HOME environment variable --> HOME umg...
> >   umg $HEIM=/heim/michael xterm --anzeigegeraet=blah.bloh.com:0.0
> I guess you mean --anzeigegeraet=blah.bloh.AG:0.0  ;-)
Yeah!! :-)))

BTW, I was just kidding. Though it would be funny to see
yet another reincarnation of a ${I18N}-Unix, ${I18N}-C, ...
as was the case a decade ago with a french pascal, a dutch
cobol and so on. ;)

Oh, perhaps some kind of
  # settrans --lang=de_DE /hurd/i18n /meta/lang
  # mache installiere saeubere
  # setzeuebersetzer --sprac=en_US /hurd/i18n /meta/sprac
  # make install clean

(somewhat like "universes" on (defunct?) SINIX)

> (No, I don't know much German, I just had some lessons in school 15
> years ago. But translation issues are mostly the same for Swedish).
Yes I know. I've been involved with reviewing book drafts
and translations of technical texts. I always wonder about
the ueber-eagerness to force widely used technical jargon
into an artificial pseudo-localized language with doesn't
look right, neither for english-aware readers, nor for
people who need the translation.

> /Niels


Farid Hajji -- Unix Systems and Network Management

Quoth the Raven, "Nevermore." --Edgar Allan Poe.

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