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Re: None

Sorry to add to this mostly off-topic thread, but...

Farid Hajji <farid.hajji@ob.kamp.net> writes:

> > >> Unix-VFS (virtual filesystem).
> > 'Home-Verzeichnis' is replaced with 'Heim-verzeichnis' too.
> Ugh... that's not good (IMHO).

Well, I agree that it's bad to translate things that are *literal*
names of commands and environment variables. But "Home" is neither.
Thus, the reasonable translation table will be

  home directory            --> Heim-verzeichnis
  $HOME directory           --> $HOME verzeichnis
  HOME environment variable --> HOME umg...

>   umg $HEIM=/heim/michael xterm --anzeigegeraet=blah.bloh.com:0.0

I guess you mean --anzeigegeraet=blah.bloh.AG:0.0  ;-)

(No, I don't know much German, I just had some lessons in school 15
years ago. But translation issues are mostly the same for Swedish).


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