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Re: Translated Hurd-Install-Guide


[This post is about translation issues, except for the last paragraph.]

On Fri, Feb 28, 2003 at 01:45:53PM +0100, Oliver Beck wrote:
> I have corrected some errors and mistekes in writing

Thanks a lot for the work you have done.  I read through it, and while
I liked it, I also changed a few things (see the patch below), but
feel free to include or ignore these changes as you prefer, since for
some of them, your opinion on how to best translate it might differ
from mine, and I don't claim to be always right on such issues, even
if I have a bit of experience in translating from english to german.

But as a general suggestion, be careful to always be consistent in
translations, e.g. you sometimes didn't translate the term
`Filesystem' at all, on other places you translated it as
`Dateisystem' (I strongly prefer to translate terms whenever there is
an appropriate translation possible, which is why I also translated
`User' as `Benutzer'; I usually even like to say `Heimverzeichnis'
instead of `Home-Verzeichnis', but since I am lazy and wanted to keep
the spirit of your translation, I kept this kind of thing like it

I wondered why the text says `Debian GNU Hurd' (and `GNU Hurd' in
inappropriate contexts) and changed that to `Debian GNU/Hurd' (and
`GNU/Hurd', respectively), but then found that Neals original text
contains the terms that you used, so you are not be blamed here.
Neal, would you please fix this in the english original (or tell me to
fix it and send you a patch if you don't have the time)?


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