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Re: Translated Hurd-Install-Guide

> > I have corrected some errors and mistekes in writing
> `User' as `Benutzer'; I usually even like to say `Heimverzeichnis'
> instead of `Home-Verzeichnis', but since I am lazy and wanted to keep
In most Unix circles in german speaking coutries,
the somewhat incorrect translation "Home-Verzeichnis"
is much more widely used. At least that's my personal
experience, and YMMV, of course.

> I wondered why the text says `Debian GNU Hurd' (and `GNU Hurd' in
> inappropriate contexts) and changed that to `Debian GNU/Hurd' (and
> `GNU/Hurd', respectively), but then found that Neals original text
> contains the terms that you used, so you are not be blamed here.
The general convention here is
as in
   Debian GNU/Linux
   Debian GNU/Hurd
We also use terms like
   Hurd/L4    (well, we would like to ;-))

At a lower level, the convention is
as in, say

In both cases: Something-runs-on-top-of-something-else,
where "on-to-of" is represented by a slash.

> Neal, would you please fix this in the english original (or tell me to
> fix it and send you a patch if you don't have the time)?
Please see above. If possible, let's keep the slash here,
to stick to widely used conventions.



Farid Hajji -- Unix Systems and Network Management

Quoth the Raven, "Nevermore." --Edgar Allan Poe.

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