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Re: old GNU tarball

On Sat, Jan 25, 2003 at 07:56:50PM +0100, Joachim Nilsson wrote:
> Initially my intention was not to distribute this script further.

That's fine, I didn't want to criticize this.  But I understood your message
as a friendly heads up that you already did that job and we could just pick
the fruits of your labour, which I am trying to do ;)

> I can look into that again. At first I might say "residue from when I
> first constructed the tarball", but the truth is that I don't remember,
> so I'll look over it again. When I've figured it out I'll add a note.

Please do.  There is no inherent problem in adding the extra configure lines
for dpkg, except that it causes additional maintenance work in the future,
which is something I want to keep as low as possible.
> > Your message changes belong into the documentation, not into the script. 
> What documentation do you mean, the Install Guide?

> > They are also sometimes slightly incorrect.  For example, it is not
> > necessary to use the nano editor, any editor would work (or firing
> > radioactive beams at the hard disk to diddle the bits).  This is quite
> > different from, for example, /etc/passwd, for which vipw should be used.
> True, but for the tarball installation I think only nano is available.

This is correct today.  A couple of years ago it was ae.  In another couple
of days, it might be gnano, or whatever.

> Sure I could have put 'editor' instead, but I've personally never used
> that alias for anything and a first time Hurd user (say a RedHat user)
> wouldn't understand I think. Of course this is only my own speculation
> about user behaviour, so it's not worth much in this context of
> "Debianistas". :-)

This type of user is not the target group of the tarball installation.
If they find us anyway, great, but I wouldn't bother to take special
precautions for that type of user at this point and level.

> I'll revert the changes and drop another note here when I'm done.

I have incorporated what I liked into my latest version already, so I only
need a note on the extra dpkg commands.


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