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Re: old GNU tarball

On Sat, Jan 25, 2003 at 12:20:43PM +0100, Joachim Nilsson wrote:
> ftp://gnufans.org/gnu/hurd/contrib/joachim/gnu-20030125.tar.bz2
> There are also a set of slightly modified install scripts.

Great, however, before I make the upload, I have a couple of questions:

Verbosity is enabled by default, because creating the device files is slow
and people will not have any diagnostics if it fails (for example, if the
machine hangs for whatever buggy reason).  As ideally, native-install is
only run twice, it doesn't make sense to give it options.  People will not
use it often enough to explore them.

Is setting the terminal required?  I guess it helps debconf, but only if it
has an effect on the installation itself it should be added.  People are
required to reboot immediately after running the script anyway.

+# The Hurd wants libncursesw5 (wide chars), some other
+# packages are built against libncurses5. The latter
+# packs should perhaps be rebuilt to be able to use
+# the wide chars supported ncurses. The same goes, I
+# guess, for libdb2 vs. libdb3 ... /Joachim

It's not our business to tell other packages to use wide char support, or
the version of db.

However, this change:
 dpkg --configure mawk
 dpkg --configure base-passwd
 dpkg --configure base-files
 dpkg --configure libdb2
 dpkg --configure libdb3
+dpkg --configure libncurses5
+dpkg --configure libncursesw5
+dpkg --configure libpam-runtime
+dpkg --configure libpam0g
 dpkg --force-depends --configure dpkg
 dpkg --pending --configure

Why is it necessary to configure ncurses5, ncursesw5, libpam-runtime and
libpam0g before the others?  The purpose of configuring base files and db
before everything else is to help dpkg in the package ordering, so only one
--pending --configure run is necessary.  Under normal circumstances, dpkg
should be able to configure all packages in one go, including ncurses and
libpam, without being told in which order.  The Hurd package does not require
ncursesw5 be configured before the Hurd package itself.  Did you just add
the lines blindly, or did you do this to fix concrete errors?  Your comment
does not tell.  If you didn't add those to fix specific errors, please try
again without such gratuiutous changes.  Always keep modifications to a

About mentioning nano: Doesn't nano add itself as the "editor" alias?  It
makes more sense to mention "editor" rather than "nano" specifically.

Your message changes belong into the documentation, not into the script. 
They are also sometimes slightly incorrect.  For example, it is not
necessary to use the nano editor, any editor would work (or firing
radioactive beams at the hard disk to diddle the bits).  This is quite
different from, for example, /etc/passwd, for which vipw should be used.


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