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Re: Cross installation package

--- Georg Lehner <Jorge.Lehner@gmx.net> wrote:
> Hello!
> El sáb, 11-01-2003 a las 18:06, Marcus Brinkmann escribió:
> ...
> > But there is not much that is Hurd specific in installing the Hurd.  So it
> > makes a lot of sense to just port the Debian installation procedure, from
> > debootstrap to debian-installer, to the Hurd.  Help with this is
> > appreciated.  Some people like James Morrison and Glenn McGrath already
> > started with that some time ago, and surely there is a lot still to do.
> ...
> I share this point of view, if James and Glenn are listening, please
> could you point out what to do, or where to find some point to start
> from.

 I think the best place to start is debootstrap.  As AJ Towns said in the
bts, the current patch is unacceptable for debian.
> However, I am not at all familiar with the internals of the installers,
> I just use them a lot, also, real live will kick in at last next
> wednesday and who knows if I'll get left time to breath.

 It looks like I am too late to be commenting :)
> On the other hand, I am convinced, that cross installation from a
> running GNU/Linux systems will be of interest now and in the future.

 Cross installing from GNU/Linux should be the same as installing
a neighbourhurd.  So, yes, this is very much of interest to anyone
working with the Hurd.
> While the Hurd, and the underlying MACH or L4 are less stable and
> featurefull then Linux, the probably conveniest way to run a Hurd
> machine either as user, or as Hurd/Mach/L4 Developer will be to have
> Debian/Gnu/Linux running on the same machine.

 Do do the stuff above you need to run Bochs, or other type of 
> So the timeframe seems very large.
> What also strikes me is the fact, that parts of the configuration will
> be similar on Linux/Hurd machines, so it seems reasonable to do this
> configuration only once, whenever possible and take the data for the
> other installation.

 For Debian GNU/Hurd, the installation should be almost the exact same
as for Debian GNU/Linux, as this is the Debian installer.
> But maybe it's just because I'm to lazy or impacient to get original,
> unofficial Hurd installer CD's ;-)
> -------------
> At this moment, I am installing a Hurd system with some little helper
> scripts, which I bumped together today.  They cover Step 2 to 5 of Neal
> Walfields Installations guide.
> When I get some time (maybe monday?) I'll finish them up with a README
> and put them on my webpage, just in case somebody is courious.
> -------------
> Now I need some pointers, information or discussion, how people think
> that:
> a) the system installation process should work (in Debian/GNU/Hurd)

 However it works in Debian.
> b) How the boot scripts should work (in Debian/GNU/Hurd)

 I'm not sure, I haven't looked at Wolfgang's init system yet.  It
might be nice to use it.
> ad a) While Hurd and Linux behave almost the same once they are
>    installed  I doubt that the installation is very similar. Fundamental
>    bits are different
>      filesystem mounting
>      init process/runlevels
>      obtaining hardware/system information
>    So decisions have to be made, to which point Debian/Hurd will try to
>    emulate Debian/Linux behaviour, and from where on Hurd specific
>    features will be favoured.

 Hopefully the differences will be abstracted out by the Debian installed.
> ad b) I have read some discussions about this.  Personally I use
>   daemontools which is not standard in Linux. I like runit, but this
>   is all matter of personal taste.  Wether integration of lots of
>   packets is make easier or even possible depends on the choice of
>   system V init.  But more important even:  To make worth the effort of
>   _any_ package porting a decision has to be made: _any_ decision.
 As long as the debian packages have some abstract way of affecting the
system initialization, we can do whatever we want.
> Best Regards,
> 	Jorge-León

 Some comments on debootstrap.  I looked at it over the weekend.  I'm about
half done the work, and none of the testing (the long part).  So, I'll try
to unbreak my GNU/Hurd box at home and fix this stuff up in the comming
After debootstrap, hopefully someone can look at debian-installer and see
what we can get from it or we can do for it, as I should say. 

James Morrison
   University of Waterloo
   Computer Science - Digital Hardware
   2B co-op

Anyone referring to this as 'Open Source' shall be eaten by a GNU

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