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Re: Cross installation package


El sáb, 11-01-2003 a las 18:06, Marcus Brinkmann escribió:
> But there is not much that is Hurd specific in installing the Hurd.  So it
> makes a lot of sense to just port the Debian installation procedure, from
> debootstrap to debian-installer, to the Hurd.  Help with this is
> appreciated.  Some people like James Morrison and Glenn McGrath already
> started with that some time ago, and surely there is a lot still to do.

I share this point of view, if James and Glenn are listening, please
could you point out what to do, or where to find some point to start

However, I am not at all familiar with the internals of the installers,
I just use them a lot, also, real live will kick in at last next
wednesday and who knows if I'll get left time to breath.

On the other hand, I am convinced, that cross installation from a
running GNU/Linux systems will be of interest now and in the future.

While the Hurd, and the underlying MACH or L4 are less stable and
featurefull then Linux, the probably conveniest way to run a Hurd
machine either as user, or as Hurd/Mach/L4 Developer will be to have
Debian/Gnu/Linux running on the same machine.

So the timeframe seems very large.

What also strikes me is the fact, that parts of the configuration will
be similar on Linux/Hurd machines, so it seems reasonable to do this
configuration only once, whenever possible and take the data for the
other installation.

But maybe it's just because I'm to lazy or impacient to get original,
unofficial Hurd installer CD's ;-)

At this moment, I am installing a Hurd system with some little helper
scripts, which I bumped together today.  They cover Step 2 to 5 of Neal
Walfields Installations guide.

When I get some time (maybe monday?) I'll finish them up with a README
and put them on my webpage, just in case somebody is courious.

Now I need some pointers, information or discussion, how people think

a) the system installation process should work (in Debian/GNU/Hurd)

b) How the boot scripts should work (in Debian/GNU/Hurd)

ad a) While Hurd and Linux behave almost the same once they are
   installed  I doubt that the installation is very similar. Fundamental
   bits are different
     filesystem mounting
     init process/runlevels
     obtaining hardware/system information
   So decisions have to be made, to which point Debian/Hurd will try to
   emulate Debian/Linux behaviour, and from where on Hurd specific
   features will be favoured.

ad b) I have read some discussions about this.  Personally I use
  daemontools which is not standard in Linux. I like runit, but this
  is all matter of personal taste.  Wether integration of lots of
  packets is make easier or even possible depends on the choice of
  system V init.  But more important even:  To make worth the effort of
  _any_ package porting a decision has to be made: _any_ decision.

Best Regards,


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